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How does the “Think & Lose®” Weight Loss Hypnosis Program work?
Your subconscious mind is where you control your emotions and behaviors and the best method of reaching your subconscious mind is through the relaxed state of hypnosis. You are what you think and renowned hypnotherapist Don Mannarino gives you natural suggestions for changing the way you think about food.

Just listen–relax–and accept the positive suggestions Don gives you. By doing so, you’ll lose weight easier and more naturally than you ever thought possible!

Clinical Hypnotherapist for losing weight.

You begin by watching Don’s Personal Coaching Instructional DVD to learn exactly how to Think & Lose® weight.

Think and Lose CD

Then you’ll have a choice of 3 different weight loss sessions to listen from a single hypnosis CD.

Don suggests listening, at least once, to the full length session which is a relaxing 30 minutes. After that, listen to the 10 minute reinforcement session once a day the first week, and then switch to the two minute power program starting the second week. The weight loss program is totally flexible to fit your preference and your schedule. And you can do all of this in the comfort of your home.

What does hypnosis feel like?
It’s a feeling of total relaxation. You will be amazed at how good Don’s hypnosis will make you feel. You are not asleep, because you don’t eat or snack in excess when you’re asleep — you eat when you’re awake and therefore you must learn hypnosis while awake to effectively change the way you think about food. You will be fully aware of your surroundings while you listen to Don’s soothing voice as he instills within you the natural suggestions to become thin and slim. You will not feel deprived. No effort is necessary. Rather you will simply change the way you think about food.
How long will it take to work?
Your subconscious will hear Don’s suggestions starting with the first session. You’ll begin to notice that you’re full and satisfied half way through your meals. You’ll start pushing the plate away before you’re done, and those cravings for fattening foods will diminish. If you listen consistently, you’ll lose weight consistently.
Does Hypnosis Work?
Clinical Hypnosis has been widely used for stress, pain management, positive thinking, headaches, insomnia, smoking cessation…

Read just a few of the clinical studies:

Clinical Studies on Hypnosis

The ‘Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology’ stated:
“…weight loss reported in the five studies indicates that hypnosis can more than double the effects” of traditional weight loss approaches.

“…benefits of hypnosis increased substantially over time”.

Clinical Hypnotherapy resource

The ‘International Journal of Eating Disorders’ reported:
Hypnosis is effective even in small doses. After three months, test subjects who had used hypnosis techniques just once had lost nearly twice as much weight as a control group.”


Don Mannarino Who is Don Mannarino?
Don Mannarino is a member of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity and the only nationally certified clinical hypnotherapist with 30 years of weight loss experience as the Former Clinical Hypnotherapist under contract to the 'American Heart Association', in addition to other major health organizations, corporations and hospitals. Don has worked with hundreds of thousands of patients for medical and psychological purposes to help them take control of their lives. His “Think & Lose™” weight loss program is now available to everyone.
Self-hypnosis program including CDs and membership.


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